Advisory Board

—In order for the T-STEM Advisory Board to be successful it is imperative that its members fully understand what is expected of them. The link between industry, local business and the school district is of paramount importance. The fundamental purpose in creating an advisory board is to provide an open forum whereby stakeholders from outside the district may voice their opinions and concerns regarding how to best focus our efforts in STEM education.

—STEM Advisory Boards are usually tasked with three primary responsibilities:

  • —Shape the mission and strategic direction of the STEM focus
    • —Shape and clarify the mission and vision of the STEM program
    • —Engage in strategic decisions affecting the STEM program
  • —Monitor and improve the performance of the STEM Board
    • —Monitor performance and require accountability
    • —Improve board performance
  • —Ensure leadership and resources are available when needed to support the program
    • —Provide expertise and counsel and guidance as needed
    • —Be an ambassador for the STEM Program

—Together, we as a district and as a board can work to ensure that our students are provided the very best STEM education possible and that it successfully addresses the needs of local industry.


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