Leadership Team

Benchmark 1: Mission-Driven Leadership

  • —1.2 Program Requirement: Leadership and Governance
    • —Develops an Academy Leadership Team and identifies the internal role each member will play in the design, governance, operations, accountability, curriculum development, professional development, etc., as well as their external role in collaborating with the design team, outreach, and other key interest groups for continuous monitoring and improvement of the T-STEM Academy plan.

Our Mission Eagle T-STEM Advisory Board Consists of:

  • —Benchmark 1 (Mission Driven Leadership)
    • Cynthia Wilson, MCISD Executive Director for Secondary Education
    • Eric Gutierrez, Mission High School Assistant Principal / Mission Eagle T-STEM Academy
  • —Benchmark 2 (T-STEM Culture)
    • Kimberly Garza, Mission High School Head Counselor
    • Victoria Rojas, Mission High / T-STEM Academy AP Capstone Teacher
  • —Benchmark 3 (Student Outreach, Recruitment, & Retention)
    • Dr. Sharon Roberts, MCISD Advanced Academics Director
    • Sandra Rodriguez, Mission High School Dean of Instruction
  • —Benchmark 4 (Teacher Selection, Development, & Retention)
    • Edilberto Flores, Mission High School Principal
    • Luis Chaire, Mission High School / T-STEM Academy Computer Science/Dual Mathematics Teacher
  • —Benchmark 5 (Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment)
    • Maritza Cantu, Mission High School Testing Strategist
    • Lorena Lopez, Mission High School / T-STEM Academy Engineering Teacher
  • —Benchmark 6 (Strategic Alliances)
    • Sergio Pena, MCISD CTE Director
    • Aurora Villanueva, Mission High School / T-STEM Academy Health Science Teacher
  • —Benchmark 7 (Academy Advancement & Sustainability)
    • Rumalda Ruiz, MCISD Assistant Superintendent for Finance

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